The Pinhoti Trail

While almost all of us have heard of one of America's most famous hiking trails, the mighty Appalachian Trail, stretching from Georgia to Maine, far less known is its little brother: the Pinhoti Trail. The Pinhoti is a 337.1 mile National Recreation Trail that runs from Flagg Mountain in Alabama through the Talladega and Chattahoochee National Forests until it meets the Benton MacKaye Trail in Georgia. Some of you may have noticed something from that description: the Pinhoti resides almost entirely within SR-9! And it's true. The Pinhoti begins in Alibamu, runs through Coosa to Waguli, briefly crosses over into our friends in Talidandaganu before ending up in Mowogo. This link between our lodges provides an incredible opportunity for inter-lodge fellowship and adventure and is an excellent option for our units to consider when planning campouts.

Prospective hikers can find trail guides and information for the Alabama section on the Pinhoti Trail Alliance's website ( or Facebook group. For the Georgia section, the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association provides information, points of interest, and a detailed trail guide on its website ( The Pinhoti is often overlooked compared to its bigger brother, the AT, but it is a worthwhile adventure on its own, right in our backyard.

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