Ini-To Lodge: A Year-In-Review - Straight Outta Quarantine

Moving back on track from last year’s halt on traditional program, Ini-To Lodge has accomplished several key ticket items on behalf of our 2021 Lodge Officers (LC Joseph Ashley, VCA Billy Arnsdorff, VCC Joshua Brandon, Secretary Jacob DeCaesar, and Treasurer Daniel Arnsdorff) and Lodge Adviser (LA Frank Harper, Asso. Barrett Thompson). During Ini-to’s March “Spring Ordeal” we inducted the first ever female youth of our Lodge (Kathryn Johnson, Vanessa Vargo, Adeline Harper, & Haley Pecoraro) in a spring induction class of forty three. Overall our Lodge had positive membership growth with fifty three total inductions in addition to thirty four Brotherhood conversions. That being the largest Brotherhood conversion rate in six years for Ini-To!

Over the course of our May Thundering Springs Ordeal, several workdays, and numerous SWAT (Scouts at work with special Work And Tools) Days, our Arrowmen completed renovating and restoring our Camp’s previously closed Health Lodge. The Health Lodge was closed for three years due to contamination of mold from water leaks in basement walls. Projects for the Health Lodge included completely gutting the basement floor, mending the holes from leakage, putting in new plumbing, and disinfecting the Lodge pre-renovation. The Lodge ows the completion of the project to our Ranger Chuck and the Arnsdorff family - two of which are lodge officers.

Towards the closing of our Lodge calendar, we inducted four candidates (Jacob DeCaesar, Richard Arnsdorff, & Joshua Brandon) to the Vigil Honor - this induction included our Council Scout Executive Robert Johnson as well.

At the closing of our year and analysis of our PMP, Ini-To Lodge was named a Thriving Lodge thanks to the Officers, Advisors, and Leaders in our Scouting family. We look forward to building upon our progress from the past year and ringing in the new year in a new section!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Joseph Ashely

Ini-To Lodge Chief

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