Chattahoochee Lodge "In it to Win it"

The Chattahoochee Lodge introduced a new event at their Fall Induction. All Chattahoochee Lodge competitors were called to participate in the "IN IT TO WIN IT" OA Tournament. At this relaxed, fun-filled and fellowship weekend, Arrowman were able to participate in and enjoy individual and team competitions to include archery, clay shooting, fishing tournament, Wischixin, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, an amazing tailgate dinner and watching a college football game. At the end of the night, Arrowman had a chance to win door prizes by participating in these and other fellowship events. Arrowman earned tickets for a chance to win sports themed gift baskets (valued at $100 each) such as Auburn University, University of Alabama, Fishing and Shooting Sports Baskets. The more Arrowmen participated in the fellowship activities the more chances they earned to win their favorite basket. The "IN IT TO WIN IT" OA Tournament was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. We spent that night enjoying fellowship with one another and strengthening our bonds of brotherhood.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Genevieve Sandt Chattahoochee Lodge Chief

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