This document must be signed and brought to the 2022 E6 Conclave by all participants. All participants under the age of 18 on the date of the event must have the form signed by a parent or guardian.

Updated: 1/19/2022

This document is a combination of work from the Service Lodge, Council of Chiefs, and Section Officers that outlines the plans for "Seek to Serve." Be on the lookout for a more updated version soon.

Updated: 1/7/2022

This document contains the currently approved rotations for SR-9 events.

Updated: 8/30/2021

This document contains the required COVID Guideline form required for attendance to the 2022 Conclave. 

Updated: 1/19/2022

This PDF contains the score sheet for 2021-2022.

Updated: 8/30/2021

This PDF is required for all running for Section Office in the 2022-2023 year. It is to be turned in to the Section Adviser before or at the Section Officer Candidate Meeting at conclave.

Updated: 1/24/2022

This document outlines how to timeline and plan a conclave for any lodge wanting to host our premier event.

Updated: 1/29/2019