E6 History (2022-Present)

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Section E6 started in 2008 with the region realignment of 2021. Joey Fletcher continued to serve as section chief,

2022-Present member lodges:
Alibamu, Aracoma, Chattahoochee, Coosa, Echeconnee, Egwa Tawa Dee, Ini-to, I-Tsu-La, Mowogo, Waguli, and Withlacoochee.


2008-2009 advisers:
Section – Dr. James Flatt
Secretary – Mr. Tim Hall and Mr. Mike Bazonis
Staff – Mr. Seth Hill


The council of chiefs met in May to begin planning for the 2009 conclave. At this meeting, a conclave rotation was set. Coosa Lodge was selected to serve as our first service lodge with conclave being held at Camp Comer in Mentone, Alabama.


Before conclave, the 2009 Winter Leadership Retreat (WLR) was held February 7-8 at Camp Comer. The purpose of WLR was to plan for conclave as well as train general lodge members. The 2009 conclave was held April 17-19. Will Jackson was the conclave service lodge chairman. Jordan Hammons was re-elected to serve as section chief. Rajpal Sagoo, vice chief, and Dan Trust re-elected secretary.